6th European Seminar on Computing

June 3 - 8, 2018
Pilsen, Czech Republic

Sponsorship Opportunities

ESCO 2018 is a not-for-profit conference whose mission is to promote modern technologies and practices in scientific computing and visualization, as well as strengthen the interaction between researchers and practitioners in all areas of computational engineering and sciences. In order to keep the conference fees low and to encourage participation, we solicit conference sponsorship at varying levels. Primary sponsorship will be used to defray travel costs for speakers and attendees as well as facilities costs. Supporting sponsorship will contribute to various aspects of the conference.

Who Attends?

The ESCO conferences started in 2006 and they are becoming increasingly popular. The expected number of participants for ESCO 2018 is around 150. The conference is attended by researchers and practitioners from various areas of scientific computing and visualization. Many participants are also instructors of courses related to differential equations, numerical methods and scientific computing at colleges and universities.

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